Conditions, Disorders and Treatment

Conditions, Disorders and Treatment

Saudi Ophthalmological Society (SOS) advocates for optimal eye care for all Saudis, including raising awareness of common eye conditions, disorders and treatments. Please check out the following links to learn more about:

Glaucoma – a disease of the optic nerve, related to excess pressure inside the eye

Cataract – a disease where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy enough to obstruct vision

Retinal Diseases – diseases of the retina, the layer of nerve cells lining the back of the eye to sense light and create impulses to the brain where they are recognized as an image

Corneal Diseases – diseases affecting the cornea, the clear front window of the eye that covers the iris (the colored part of the eye) and the round pupil

Eyelid Disorders – disorders and conditions related to the eyelid and even the eyelashes

Neuroophthalmology – conditions caused by brain or systemic abnormalities that cause visual disturbances

Pediatric Eye Conditions – eye issues that typically emerge in childhood or adolescence, including ‘lazy eye’ or crossed eyes